Magic Camp Movie Review

magic camp review

Disney’s Magic Camp is a light-hearted and whimsical tale about a summer camp for kids where they learn magic. It includes some great life lessons for both grown-ups and kids. Magic Camp is a fun movie for the entire family.

Movie Rating

The film received a PG rating mostly for some crude humor and language. There is nothing in the film that I would consider offensive. There is a kissing scene between the teenage characters Theo and Janelle.

Heading to Magic Camp

The movie opens with young Theo practicing magic at home. He receives an invitation from the Institute of Magic to attend summer camp. Reeling from the death of his father he is unsure if he should attend. However, with some encouraging words from his mother, he agrees to go. Theo develops through the course of the film to be the main character of the movie.

Soon enough we meet Andy Tuckerman. He is a down on his luck magician who is now driving a taxi in Las Vegas. The Institute of Magic founder Roy Preston invites Andy to be a counselor at Magic Camp. Andy jumps at the opportunity to be involved in magic again. Even if it means that he must face his nemesis Kristina Darkwood.

Magic Camp Rivals

Kristina Darkwood is a successful magician with her own show in Las Vegas. She is also a camp counselor at the summer camp. The film later discloses how the rivalry between Andy and Kristina began.

The two counselors Andy and Kristina lead two separate teams of youth who they seek to train to be magicians. The goal is to perform for an audience at the end of the summer camp. The top performer will receive the coveted Golden Wand Award.

Summer Camp Cliches

The film features a host of cliche summer camp characters including the kid with allergies, the bully, and the underdog. However, there are some original funny moments as these kids interact.

A Difficult Decision

The movie takes a turn when Andy Tuckerman is invited back to Las Vegas to perform. He must choose between his life as a counselor or his dream of being on stage. I won’t give away the plot, so you will have to see the movie yourself to see how he decides.

The Institute of Magic

For me, the best part of the movie was watching the kids perform magic. I was a kid magician myself, having learned my first magic trick from Boys’ Life Magazine. Having a summer camp devoted to the craft would have been a dream come true for me. I’m sure there are many kids who can relate.

The movie closes with a closer look at the Institute of Magic. The kids stand together at the end of the film giving us a glimpse into the possibility of a sequel.

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