Is the Institute of Magic Real?

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On August 14th, 2020 Disney Studios released Magic Camp on the Disney+ streaming service. The movie is a fictional depiction of a summer Magic Camp for kids. The camp is run by the “Institute of Magic”. Not much is known about the institute other than that it was founded by Roy Preston.

Magic Camp

In the movie, the main character Theo receives an invitation from the Institute of Magic. Reeling from the recent death of his father Theo is unsure if he should attend the camp. However, his mother encourages him and he agrees to go. At the camp, he meets counselors Andy Duckerman and Kristina Darkwood along with a host of other campers.

Theo is assigned to Andy’s group of young aspiring magicians. They share a cabin together at the camp. At the camp, Andy discovers that Theo has a knack for card tricks. With Andy’s help, Theo develops his skill for card tricks and overcomes his stage fright to perform in front of an audience.

The Institute of Magic

In reality, there is not a real Magic Camp run by the institute. However, there is an Institute of Magic.

The Institute of Magic is an online magic shop that seeks to help budding artists learn about magic and magicians. The online magic shop features tricks, props, and magic supplies. The shop also has a “Downloads” category where magicians can download the latest videos and ebooks directly to their computer. This makes learning magic fun and easy.

To learn more about the Institute of Magic visit the website at

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