Evolushin Magic Kit Review

Evolushin Magic Kit

Since winning America’s Got Talent Twice, Shin Lim has become a household name. Now he has released the Evolushin Magic Kit. This magic set is great for beginners. It introduces several fundamental principles in magic that you can expand on with practice.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Shin Lim magic set. Read this post before spending your money on the kit. This review will give you a better idea of what the kit includes, and if it is right for you.

Who Should Buy Evolushin?

The Evolushin Magic Kit is for beginning magicians. However, it is not intended for young children. In fact, the packaging recommends that children be eight years or older. There are some small parts that could be a choking hazard for young children. Also, the routines may be too difficult for young children.

With that in mind, I think that even experienced magicians could learn a lot from this kit. Shin Lim gives some great insights into the performance of the effects that any magician could benefit from. However, most of the tricks are very basic, and most experienced magicians would already be familiar with these secrets.

For a beginning magician, this kit is an ideal introduction to magic. This is because Shin Lim has been careful to select tricks that help introduce magicians to fundamental principles. These principles can be incorporated into any magic act. Shin Lim encourages the beginner to expand on these fundamentals to create their own routines.

Evolushin Unboxing

Upon opening the box you will see that everything is beautifully presented. There is a compartment for each element of the kit. Most of the items are within their own packaging. This keeps items from getting lost.

I remember when I was eight years old and received my first magic kit. When I opened it all the items had shuffled around in transit. This made it difficult for me to learn because I had to search around for the right props for each trick. The Evolushin Magic Kit has everything in its place and clearly labeled.

Evolushin Instructions

The kit includes a book of instructions for additional tricks. However, the main instruction for the kit is provided in a video that is over two hours long.

In the video, Shin Lim explains each trick and gives tips for the performance. He has developed some great routines for the props. He goes into detail on the proper performance of each routine. You will need a computer with high-speed internet to access the video instruction.

What’s Inside

Here’s a list of everything you get in the kit:

  • Svengali Deck, Spirit Slate (Black Box), Card Box Vanish, Red Silk
  • Prediction Effect, Devious Ace, Royal Flush, Mind Reader, Final Destination
  • Tic Tac, Cloaking Device (Thumb Tip), Invisible Thread, Self Folding Bill, Instant Cash (Blank Paper to Bills), The Vanisher (Universal Pull), Anti-Gravity Device (Bottle Cap)
  • 32 page booklet with 100 other card tricks for a standard deck (not provided)

Performing the Tricks

After watching the video instruction you should be able to perform most of the tricks with a little practice. The video presents two complete routines. The first, with cards. The second, with a coin. These routines will involve a little more work as they use some sleight-of-hand techniques. Also, you will need to learn the sequence of events for the routines.

The routines presented are really worth the price of the kit. They will make you look like an experienced close-up performer. However, as I mentioned they will require some effort to learn.

Become a Magician

If you’ve thought of becoming a magician but were never sure how. This kit will get you headed in the right direction. That’s because it teaches you many fundamentals of magic. The props are well designed. Also, the video instruction is clear and concise.

You can buy the Evolushin Magic Kit online from the Institute of Magic store. Also, check out our Shin Lim category for more magic from this exceptional performer. To learn more about Shin Lim read our article “Shin Lim: Two Time AGT Winner“.

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