What is the IBM in magic?

international brotherhood of magicians

When we speak of the IBM in magic circles we are not referring to the famous computer company. Instead, we are speaking about the International Brotherhood of Magicians. In this article, we discuss what the IBM is and why it was formed.

Founding Members

Len Vintus, Gene Gordon, and Don Rogers founded the International Brotherhood of Magicians on February 10th, 1922. These three men all lived in different areas. Len Vintus was from Winnipeg, Canada. Gene Gordon was from Buffalo, New York. Don Rogers was from Hartford, Connecticut. Although these three men hailed from different areas, they all shared an interest in magic.

Postal Mail

These men had the idea to keep in contact through the mail. Unlike magicians in major cities, they were unable to attend regular club meetings. This soon gave rise to the publication of The Linking Ring magazine. Gene Gordon and Don Rogers served as the first editors of the magazine for magicians. The Linking Ring continues publication to this day under the same name.

Gene Gordon also founded the first IBM Ring, Ring 1, in Rochester, New York. Other IBM Rings have formed through the years. Today there are over 300 Rings in over 88 countries!

Guiding Principles

The IBM was formed with three guiding principles in mind. The first was to organize people who shared a common interest in the practice and promotion of the Art of Magic. The second was to allow for the free exchange of magical ideas. Finally, the organization hoped to promote harmony within the magic community.

IBM Today

The International Brotherhood of Magicians has grown to over 15,000 members. These include famous professional magicians such as Lance Burton and Criss Angel as well as those who are just beginning. The IBM is the world’s largest magical organization.

IBM Membership Benefits

Joining an organization like the IBM is a good idea for any magician. Just a few of the benefits include magic education, peer affiliation, and group discounts on travel and insurance. The IBM Application is easy to complete and is available online along with many other resources.

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