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The Magic Milk Mug is one of the most useful magic props for use with liquid tricks. It allows you to visibly pour the liquid out of the mug, and vanish it. The apparatus we supply resembles a large coffee mug made of clear plastic and comes with ideas for different routines.

The classic presentation involves showing a sheet of newspaper clearly front and back. This is rolled into the cone, and a mug full of milk is apparently poured into the cone. You make a tossing motion towards the audience with the cone, and the liquid has vanished. The paper sheet is unrolled, shown on both sides, then balled up and tossed into the audience for them to examine if they wish. A variation is to have white-colored confetti fly out in place of the milk when you toss the contents of the cone at the audience.

The Magic Milk Mug is made of clear molded plastic (approx. 5″ high and 2.5″ in diameter).

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