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Smartphones have changed our everyday lives and magic has also been influenced by these extraordinary technological devices.

As a matter of fact, they are currently the objects we use the most every day. Being able to perform magic with them represents an enormous added value.

Magic-Phone is a complete video course in which the 10 best phone effects are presented without having to download expensive applications. Simply use the standard features of your mobile phone or the spectator’s, whether it is an iPhone or an Android.

The effects vary from mentalism to card magic and you can immediately add them to your repertoire.

You will be able to guess what the spectator is thinking, to unlock an iPhone, to exploit the calculator, to perform card-magic effects and much more.

An incredible course allowing you to have an entire show in your pocket.

IMPORTANT: no apps required



Toxico: use your mobile phone to predict the serial number of a banknote or any number of your choice.

iphone Unlock: to unlock any borrowed iPhone.

iphone booktest: the spectator chooses one of his address book contacts and you will read it from his mind.

Any phone

X9: guess a number only thought by the spectator.

Top Cinema: let the spectator choose a movie poster from their smartphone and guess the movie title without even touching the phone.

Selfie queen: predict any card using any smartphone camera and get a fun ending.

Gipsy Siri: make Siri guess the spectator’s chosen card in an unexpected and fun way.

Card under the phone: a technological flavour of a card-magic classic.

Card from phone: show a picture with many playing cards, the spectator will think of one and you will be able to physically produce it from your Smartphone.

Call from famous person: the spectator will mentally choose a celebrity from a list and, at some point, you will receive a call from them. A surprising and fun effect.

Magic apps: an in-depth “excursus” on the applications available to create incredible magic and mental effects.

DURATION: 80 minutes

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