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The Best Card Control in Magic!

“The Selenium Shift is the ClipShift of this generation. The best control I’ve seen so far hands down.”
– Shin Lim

“If you think the control is fooling, wait until you see the applications. One of the most convincing controls out there.”
– Patrick Kun

The Selenium Shift:
A move that allows you to control a selected card, anywhere in the deck, to the top. This shift can also move multiple cards, at different depths in the deck, to the top in a blink of an eye. No breaks. No passes. No disturbing the deck order. It’s silent, invisible and oh yeah… it’s all done one handed.

Video Download:
The Selenium Shift is taught in an over-the-shoulder angle, giving you the best learning experience and an understanding of how the move is done.
You are going to learn the basic shift and a total of ten handlings and routines including:
– Multiple Shift: Four selections go into four different parts of the deck, and as they are squared up, they instantly appear on top!
– Cover Shift: A selected card is squared into the middle of the deck, and is instantly underneath the top card.
– Instant Sandwich: A signed card is pushed into the center of the deck and instantly sandwiched between a pair on top of the deck.
– Rising Card: A selection is placed face up in the lower part of the deck, and if by magic, the card jumps up through the deck, until it reaches the top.
– One Handed: A card is placed in the deck and as soon as you look away, it appears on top of the deck, one handed, with no cover.
– Pseudo Center Deal: 4 Aces go into the center of the deck, and you effortlessly deal them out onto the table!
– The Full Routine: Schizophrenia: A signed selected card routine that has 3 color changes back to back, and inverted deck, ending with a FULL deck color change. All happening in 10 seconds.
– Color Change: A buttery color change that just melts one card into another.
– Card Vanish: A face up card instantly vanishes on the deck with no movement.

PDF Booklet:
In addition, there is also a companion book that teaches another eight techniques, ideas, and handlings in full detail, with over 50 photos to help you learn.
– Shift Half Pass
– Instant Card Location
– Gestures
– Triple Card Color Change
– Snap Change Clean Up
– Adobo Two Card Production
– Clean Color Change

“The best control that I’ve seen.”
– Charlie Frye

“The BEST card control that I have EVER seen!”
– Justin Miller

“Upon learning the technique, I was amazed that this could have ever worked. It has become a favorite move, one that I know that I can always fool myself with in a mirror that I can’t stop smiling at.”
– Daniel Madison

“This is by far the sexiest shift I have ever (not) seen! I love this move!”
– Adam Wilver

“*Casshan died… seriously. He dead.”
– R.I.P. Casshan Wallace

“This is as fun to do as it is to watch!”
– Chris Ramsey

“Is that what’s going on?! I can’t see you do a thing.”
– Chris Mayhew

Download the video and begin learning!


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