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A true classic of magic — The Cups and Balls. Often described as the one effect whereupon magicians can truly show their skills, imagination, and inventiveness. Many different routines are possible with this professional Cups & Balls set.

Basic Routine: The Magician shows three metal cups and three knit balls. One of the balls is placed on top of the center cup. The other two cups are stacked on top of the center cup. The trapped ball magically appears beneath the center cup. Now the next ball is placed on top of the center cup. Again the other cups are stacked on top. The second ball mysteriously appears under the center cup along with the first ball. This is repeated and finally, the third ball magically convenes with the first two balls under the center cup.

P&L Cups and Balls — Beautifully spun, and finished in high-grade aluminum.

With 4 knit balls and instructions.

Width/mouth of cup 2 1/2″ approx.

Height 3 1/4″ approx.

You’ll love this set!

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Dimensions7 × 3 × 3 in


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