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Two rubber bands animate themselves to reveal a prediction

BANDIMATION is a very visual way to reveal a prediction using two rubber bands that move like they have life.

Luis Zavaleta & Nox from Peru, worked together to show you a very visual way to reveal a card using rubber bands.

  • No sleight of hand required
  • Easy to perform
  • Easy to make
  • Very visual piece of magic
  • Reset in seconds
  • Use it in your virtual shows
  • Perfect for social media (INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TIK TOK)

Comments about BANDIMATION:

“Oh god this is so cool!!! how?”
Cyril Thomas

“Bandimation is wonderful, very visual and super current! I want one for my Instagram routine”

“A new idea from the mind of these two young magicians that will surprise your audience!”
Mr. Daba

“An amazing practical visual effect above all surprisingly magic. A card revelation that will be part of your magical repertoire.”
Arcadio & Solange


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